114 Wellborough Road, Northampton Northamptonshire, NN1 4DR

About Asian Express

Asian Express was established in 2014 in Northampton. At Asian Express, we welcome guests with absolute hospitality and a wide range of contemporary Srilankan and South Indian Cuisines. Asian Express is a family-run takeaway that serves one of the most aromatic and spice rich South Indian and Srilankan Cuisines. We offer a plethora of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that takes customers on a sensory ride through India's and Srilankan streets, filled with authentic delights and a modern twist.

Since its humble beginnings in 2014, Asian Express has built a reputation for serving authentic South Indian and Srilankan cuisines prepared with the finest ingredients. The first and most important tenet of their vision is that they are a family business, led by family values and dedicated to growing alongside their staff, partners, and guests by treating them like family.

Asian Express has earned admiration and loyalty from customers through their determination and dedication to bringing traditional foods back to Northampton. We are ecstatic to serve food from this sub-category of South Indian & Srilankan cuisines, as the ingredients are high in antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds. Our key success factor is to kick out of blazing new paths into uncharted terrain. Asian Express legacy is to prepare dishes that keep people coming back for food made from locally and globally sourced ingredients.

Our Core Values
A Desire to have a quality of service
Raising the excellence standards
Customer Empathy
Health and Nutrition
Quality ingredients and cooking practices

Finally, Cooking is an art form, and our chefs have perfected it by mixing conventional recipes with their unique twists. Every delectable dish that leaves our kitchen is the work of one of our renowned chefs. Whether you eat a South Indian Cuisine or Srilankan Cusine, you are sure to enjoy the tantalising flavours we have to offer.